Astro Protocol: Farming begins this Friday!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Astro, a next generation yield farm and part of the Laika Protocol multi-chain ecosystem!

About Astro Protocol

Astro achieves this via its unique tokenomics which work as follows:

4% Transaction Fee:

1% Astro Burn

1% Laika Burn

2% added back as liquidity

This, combined with our other features such as our upcoming cross-chain farming pools will ensure that there is a consistent stream of burns that will further ensure that factors such as inflation are kept under control, even during periods of high volatility.

Astro Protocol has an emission rate of 0.1 Astro/block at launch, with the ability to adjust the emission, multiplier and any other aspects, giving our team further control over ensuring the successful growth of our farm. There are no fees on the emission and instead you will find a flat 2% fee on all farming pools within our platform. This allows us to directly fund additional burns, marketing and any other costs associated with developing the project without negatively affecting the price and growth of our ecosystem.

As mentioned previously, a number of additional features have already been developed and are preparing to launch soon, such as our cross-chain farming pools, unique yield generating NFTs, in-house lotteries and much more. As the project grows, we will also be introducing Astro to several other chains that support our ecosystem, further expanding our DeFi footprint and providing even more use-cases and incentives which will further assist with decentralization, adaptation and growth.

About Laika Protocol

Laika originally started as a second-generation deflationary token on BSC, which included the first of its kind scalable auto LPs as well as a max transaction limit to prevent price manipulation. Since its inception, it has grown into a full multi-chain DeFi ecosystem. Laika Protocol has already been bridged to over 9 chains, with more to come in the future!

Laika’s long term plans include several other features such as trustless bridge deployment for tokens across all currently supported chains, a multi-chain oracle, several new platforms, and more!

Laika’s current bridges along with the unique tokenomics and cross-chain interoperability support make it a perfect medium of exchange when looking to explore new chains or platforms. Laika Protocol also serves as the governance token within our Ecosystem and is required to vote on topics such as changes and upgrades to Astro in the future.

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Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!