Astro Protocol will launch on BSC on July 11!

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A detailed look at the next generation tokenomics, token distribution, and roadmap for our upcoming launch of Astro Protocol on BSC is now available!

What makes Astro Protocol a second generation yield farm?

When we say second generation, we mean it. Our team has completely developed and written our contract from the ground up to build upon existing foundations for yield farming while also incorporating brand new tokenomics and burn mechanisms that solve many issues that many yield farms face today.

In addition to this Astro, just like it’s sister coin Laika, has been built to be future-proof, meaning that features such as multi-chain integration and cross-chain yield farming will also be available!

Full details regarding the specific features that are unique to Astro Protocol are available bellow. Our website will also be live later this week and you will be able to find additional information regarding Astro there as well.

Unique Code

Astro Protocol’s contract and tokenomics have been entirely created and designed by our developer team from the ground up. This allows us to introduce brand new tokenomics, burn mechanisms and multi-chain integration that wasn’t available before. This makes Astro a true second generation yield farm rather than just yet another fork of already existing farms.


As part of Astro’s brand new tokenomics, we have introduced an automated burning mechanism similar to existing deflationary tokens like SafeMoon and our very own Laika! Astro includes a “Black Hole”, a burn address where a portion of Astro from every transaction gets automatically bought back and burned, removing it forever from the circulating supply!

The deflationary rate is set to scale linearly with the amount of Astro that is minted, ensuring that the total circulating supply is always kept under control. As our total circulating supply grows bigger, so does our black hole!

What this means is that Astro is both inflationary AND deflationary! As more Astro is minted, more Astro is burned as well! This process is automatic and ensures a consistent burn which auto adjusts based on current volume.

Automatic LPs

Every transaction contributes towards automatically generating liquidity which goes into multiple pools, chains and exchanges. In short, this means that with every transaction, a portion of Astro and BNB goes back into the liquidity pool, ensuring that there is an ever growing liquidity pool for users to benefit from.

RFI Static Rewards

Another new addition to Astro is the RFI feature, which automatically redistributes a portion of each transaction fee to all Astro holders, including our black hole! This means that not only are holders rewarded for using our farms, but they also get automatically rewarded with additional tokens simply for holding! This also ensures that our black hole continues to grow even more over time!

No Migrator Function

As mentioned previously, our contract was built from the ground up, however the security and safety of our holders always remains our top priority. To achieve this we have taken several steps, starting with the fact that there is no migrator function in our code.

In addition to this, there are several other security measures such as multisigs and cross-chain decentralization of liquidity pools, ensuring that there are several layers of protection between potential attackers and the end user. Astro Protocol has also already been audited by two external independent developers and additional audits are scheduled at launch.

Cross-Chain Farming pools

Another major feature that is exclusive to Astro Protocol are our Cross-Chain farming pools, a brand new type of farms that use cross-chain liquidity from other chains to farm on BSC for even bigger rewards! These cross-chain pools will be exclusive to Laika, meaning that there will only be Laika cross-chain farms at the start, with other tokens such as Astro to follow at a later time.

This incentivizes the decentralization of our liquidity pools whilst also providing additional use cases for both Astro and Laika across several chains, further expanding the Laika DeFi ecosystem. As this is a brand new and major feature for Astro, we will keep specific details regarding the process a secret until Astro launches on July 12th to prevent copycats. At that point, specific details regarding the process behind our cross-chain farming pools will be available.

Multi-chain Integration

Astro’s sister project, Laika was built with cross-chain interoperability and future-proof integration in mind and Astro is no different. Over the coming months, Astro’s farming pools will be expanding to additional chains such as Polygon, creating an even bigger multi-chain ecosystem and even more opportunities for partnerships, features and additional use cases over time.

Fee breakdown

Astro has a built in 5% transaction fee split as follows:

1.5% Liquidity Fee

1.5% Astro Burn

1.5% Laika Burn

0.5% Marketing Fee

The recommended slippage for Astro is 6% or higher.

Emission Rate

The emission rate for Astro Protocol starts at 0.1 Astro/block and gets lower over time in a linear manner based on the following formula:

1 / n

N = n+1

The emission rate halves about once per week on average with a lowest minimum emission rate of 0.01 Astro/block and the expected time for the circulating supply and black hole to double is about 150 days after launch.

Distribution Breakdown

Initial Total Supply: 50,000 Astro

Initial Burned Supply: 25,000 Astro (50%)

Fair Launch via PancakeSwap: 12,500 Astro (25%)

Whitelist Airdrop: 5,000 Astro (10%)

Cross-Chain Liquidity: 2,500 Astro (5%)

Marketing Funds: 2,500 Astro (5%)

Developer Funds: 2,500 Astro (5%)

Fair Launch

Astro’s initial liquidity will be provided via a Laika-Astro liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. Laika developer funds will be used to create the pool, allowing for a fair launch without the need for a presale.

Additionally, we will apply the same methodology and tactics that were used when our main token, Laika Protocol went live to prevent whale and bot manipulation at launch.

Airdrop Timelock

We will begin randomized and periodical distribution of airdrops two weeks after launch. The airdrops also will be distributed based on current market trends to prevent an influx of sell pressure as airdropped tokens become unlocked. To prevent price manipulation, the exact time frame for the airdrop distribution will not be revealed publicly until after all airdropped tokens have been distributed.

Astro Launch Roadmap

July 4th — Snapshot date for Round one of the whitelist airdrop

July 5th — Whitelist form for round two becomes available to all current Laika holders

July 5th — Whitelist form for round three becomes available to all Gleam contest participants

July 11th — Liquidity for Astro Protocol is added on BSC via PancakeSwap and staking and farming pools become available

July 11th — Launch of Laika Protocol cross-chain farming pools on Astro following launch

July 25th — Randomized and periodic distribution of airdrops begins

Binance Smart Chain

Over the last few months, Polygon (MATIC) has been in the news for all the right reasons as it has been projected as the alternative to Ethereum as it resides on the same network and hence has all the advantages of Ethereum built into it but at the same time, with much lesser fees.

But as the number of transactions on the network increases, we are seeing that the gas fees on the Polygon network have also been rising slowly and steadily. Over the last few weeks, we have seen the gas fees increase from $0.0005 to $0.002, a rise of 400% though the gas fees on ethereum have been pretty much steady during this period. Though this continues to be very low as compared to the Ethereum gas fees, we have to see whether it is a precursor to things to come as the traffic increases on the network.

In addition to this, the majority of our Laika holders are currently on the Binance Smart Chain which has also led to a lot of popular demand and vocal support for a BSC launch. As always, we want our goals to align with what’s in the best interest for our Laikanauts while also ensuring that our community’s voice is heard loud and clear.

As a result, based on these two factors, we have decided for Astro to make his debut on the Binance Smart Chain. But don’t worry, as part of Astro and Laika’s future-proof tokenomics, we have ensured that additional Astro farms will be deployed on more chains in the near future, starting with Polygon! This means that very soon you will be able to farm on any chain you prefer!

More details regarding additional chain support will become available over time.

Our Goal: To Learn, Explore and Innovate

We are incredibly excited for the future of DeFi and we hope that with the introduction of Astro, we can continue to learn, explore and innovate as we have already done so over the last quarter. We would like to thank every single one of our holders, community contributors and those working hard behind the scenes for all their support. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

Now lets welcome Astro with open arms! Additional details such as contract details, exact launch time and more will be revealed closer to launch as an additional measure of preventing bots and whales.

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