Introducing Astro Protocol: A second generation yield farm, coming soon to BSC!

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4 min readJun 30, 2021


Combining next generation deflationary tokenomics with multi-chain integration on BSC!

What is Astro?

Astro Protocol is a second generation multi-chain yield farm initially launching on the Binamce Smart Chain that uses a brand new type of scalable deflationary RFI tokenomics to ensure a continuous burn that scales relative to the amount minted and ensures that the total circulating supply of Astro always remains in line with the amount being minted, preventing the need for a hard supply cap. This makes Astro the first of it’s kind native token to include both inflationary and deflationary tokenomics, making it a true next generation farming solution.

As mentioned previously, Astro Protocol’s fees are also scalable, meaning that as our black hole grows, the buyback and burn fee will slowly grow over time while the reflection rewards will linearly decrease. This ensures an automated and controlled burn over time that also scales directly with trading volume.

In addition to this, Astro has been designed to be future-proof from the start. This means that Astro will support multi-chain integration and will be available on additional chains alongside BSC in the near future!

What is Laika?

Astro is a part of the Laika Protocol ecosystem. Laika Protocol originally started as a second-generation deflationary token on BSC which included the first of it’s kind scalable auto LPs as well as a max transaction limit to prevent price manipulation. In addition to this, Laika Protocol has already been bridged to over 8 chains. With the addition of Astro, we can now ensure that there is a growing multi-chain ecosystem as we continue to develop additional tools and features over time.

To learn more about Laika Protocol, visit our website at or check out our WhitePaper at

How do Astro and Laika benefit each other?

There are several ways in which Astro has been designed to directly benefit Laika.

First, as part of Astro’s built in RFI tokenomics, a portion of each transaction (1.5%) is also used to directly buy back and burn Laika, ensuring that Laika benefits from Astro’s volume and transactions over time. The second is ensuring a use-case for Laika on each chain by providing holders with high APY solutions for farming and staking your Laika via Astro on any chain that is supported.

With additional ways to burn Laika and additional use cases, this will ensure that Astro is always benefiting Laika, no matter where he goes. In addition to this, Laika will heavily integrate Astro into it’s other platforms and tools, ensuring a solid synergy between the two tokens.

What is the future of Astro?

Innovation doesn’t stop at launch. As we’ve always said with Laika, DeFi moves fast and so must we. Although Astro will include unique solutions right from the start, we are also preparing many other long term tools that will provide additional use cases and burn mechanics for both Astro and Laika over time. Our deflationary tokenomics allow us to plan for the long term and adapt with DeFi as it continues to evolve over time.

When will Astro be launching?

We are pleased to announce that the MasterChef has been successfully completed, tested and externally audited by two independent developers and we are currently finalizing work on our website in preparation for Astro’s full launch. Additional details will be available over the coming days including more information regarding our launch date as well as initial token distribution. And don’t worry Laikanauts, we have something special planned for you too!

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