Laika Protocol: Moonriver Launch Event — Bridge Laika to earn free Moonriver!

Introducing our latest bridge launch, automated Moonriver faucet, brand new partnerships and other special incentives!

Laika Protocol
5 min readSep 10, 2021

Moonriver Bridge and Faucet

Laika Protocol, in partnership with AnySwap, has established the first BEP-20 token bridge to Moonriver, allowing you to bridge Laika between BSC and Moonriver in seconds.

As part of this launch, we are also introducing several new features, partnerships and incentives to mark this major milestone, starting with our brand new automated faucet feature for the Moonriver network.

Moonriver Faucet

For the first time ever, you can access a Moonriver faucet without the need to ever access a centralized exchange (CEX).

To use our faucet, simply bridge Laika from BSC to Moonriver and you will automatically receive a small amount of $MOVR as a first time Moonriver user!

A direct link to our BSC-Moonriver bridge is available here:



Our first exclusive partner on Moonriver is MoonSwap! MoonSwap is a premier DEX service available on Moonriver with several existing and upcoming features in the works that set them apart from the competition.

Some of MoonSwap’s milestones include being the first to hit $1,000,000 TVL on Moonriver, as well as partnering with AnySwap to enable and incentivize the transfer of stablecoins to Moonriver from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Moonriver is also the first project to have deployed their DAO on Moonriver, which is available at

As part of our collaboration, Laika Protocol will be officially listed on launch at /and liquidity will be locked via the MoonCrypt Locker tool which will be available in the near future.

A direct link to purchasing Laika Protocol on MoonSwap is available here:


Laika Protocol will also be available on SolarBeam. Our mapped contract will be verified immediately after launch, followed by a listing application as well as liquidity being locked via the SolarBeam Locker.

As the SolarBeam project grows, we will pursue further partnerships in order to expand our presence on the Moonriver network and provide additional tools and solutions for our community.

A direct link to purchasing Laika Protocol on SolarBeam is available here:



The very first Laika farming pools on Moonriver will be available via an exclusive partnership with MoonFarm, the premier yield farming platform on the Moonriver network.

A Laika-MOVR farm will be available in the coming days, giving you even more yield generation options as you explore the Moonriver network. Full details will be available in a separate announcement to be made in the near future.

Full information about MoonFarm is available at


Laika Protocol will be utilizing the tools and features provided by the FreeRiver team such as charts, price bots, a portfolio tracker and much more, all of which are available at

In the near future we will further pursue additional partnership opportunities via FreeRiver such as dedicating additional liquidity, enabling new farming pools and more!

Full information about FreeRiver is available at


MoonBeans is our third exclusive partner at launch and the biggest community project on Moonriver. MoonBeans’ unique feature of rewarding dividends to its holders in the form of $SOLAR combined with the developer talent behind the project gives both of our communities the opportunity to exchange knowledge and benefit each other while also helping us establish a solid foundation for a developer community on the Moonriver network.

Full information about MoonBeans is available at

Launch Incentives

The following incentives will be available for new and existing holders at launch:

  • Faucet Rewards
  • Zero Tax Trading Fees (Disabled for 72 hours)
  • 50% Discount on Moonriver at launch
  • Farming Pools
  • Trading Competition (Details to be announced soon)

About Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol originally began as a second-generation token on the Binance Smart Chain, which included the first of its kind scalable auto LPs as well as a max transaction limit to prevent price manipulation. Since its inception, it has grown into a full multi-chain DeFi ecosystem. Laika Protocol has already been bridged to over twelve networks, with more to come in the future!

Laika’s current bridges along with the unique tokenomics and cross-chain interoperability support make it a perfect medium of exchange when looking to explore new chains or platforms.

The teams’ long term plans include several other features such as trustless bridge deployment for tokens across all currently supported chains, a multi-chain oracle, several new platforms, and much more!










Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!