Laika Protocol Update: The Past, The Present and The Future

Celebrating our achievements on our one year anniversary as well as a preview of what’s in store for Laika in the future!

Laika Protocol
6 min readApr 27, 2022

Hello, Laikanauts!

April 27th marks the one year anniversary since our project launched. During that year, Laika achieved every single one of our roadmap targets, explored many different networks and ecosystems and the project established itself as a solid name in the world of DeFi.

But we’re not done yet! It’s time to take a look at some of our achievements and give you an an update on what our team is currently working on, as well as a small glimpse of what’s to come in year two for our favorite space dog!

Happy birthday, Laika!

The Past

Laika Protocol’s initial goal at launch was to provide users with an introduction to the world of crypto and offer services such as bridges and educational material in order to allow our users to explore the plethora of networks that form the multi-chain ecosystem that we know today.

Some of our achievements over the last year include:


Laika Protocol was the first project to offer bridges to a number of chains including Harmony, Fantom, Avax, Moonriver and more! Over the span of the last year, Laika provided over ten bridges and established itself as one of the main links between all the chains that we currently support.


Laika Protocol also established some of the very first automated faucets, providing a secure and user-friendly way for our community to gain instant access to new chains. This was yet another step towards establishing Laika as a main player in the multi-chain ecosystem.


Another major milestone was the introduction of DeFi features such as our farming and staking platform, Astro. Astro served as the home for those services and we are currently in the process of providing a new unique use case for Astro in the near future, so stay tuned!


Laika Protocol’s core values are to Learn, Explore and Innovate. Part of these values includes providing support and educational material for users in order to give them a clear understanding of how different services such as bridges, faucets, Decentralized exchanges and multi-chain projects work, ensuring that our holders have a solid knowledge foundation when exploring the world of DeFi.


The biggest success for Laika over the last year was establishing and growing a solid community of users, volunteers and developers, collectively known as Laikanauts. Over the last year, our Laikanauts contributed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers and veterans alike to share ideas. This allowed us to develop new features and provide a solid foundation for everyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and the world of DeFi, as well as emerging new fields such as the metaverse, GameFi and much more!

The Present

As we continue to maintain our core values of learning, exploring and innovating, we are now in the process of updating the Laika ecosystem in order to continue to provide unique services and features that will ensure the long term success of our project as well as the continued growth of our community and team. As such, we are excited to give you a preview of what’s currently happening behind the scenes!


Our new developer team consists of three lead developers, all of which have extensive experience with developing and interacting with the world of DeFi and crypto. This includes a new back-end developer (Joseph), a new front-end developer(Steph) and a new mobile developer(FatalError)!

You can meet our new developer team by joining our Telegram at A detailed introduction to the team will also be available in the coming days.

In addition to this, we are also in the process of onboarding a number of new team members that will fill a variety of roles including marketing and community outreach, branding, advisory roles and much more! Further details regarding career opportunities with Laika will be available in the near future.

New Long Term Vision

As we’ve always stated, DeFi moves fast, and so must we. Over the last year there have been a number of major developments in the crypto space, including the birth of the metaverse, GameFi and more!

With that in mind, Laika is now shifting our focus and goals from offering multi-chain services to a specific focus on GameFi! This means that over the coming weeks and months, you will see a number of services, features and announcements that will more clearly define our role in the crypto world.

These steps will ensure that we continue to provide a solid environment for our community to explore while also remaining competitive in the DeFi space.

Fantom Network Migration

As part of these changes, we are also going to be moving to a new chain to better utilize emerging technologies and ensure that the Laika ecosystem is able to grow without any limitations. After careful consideration, the team has decided that the Fantom network would be the best new home for Laika due to a number of benefits that the FTM chain has to offer.

However, Laika will not be limited to just Fantom! Additional details regarding the migration as well as a deep dive of the decision process will be available at a later time. Keep an eye on our social media for further updates!

Branding Updates

Over the coming days and weeks we will be making updates to our branding, website and social media platforms to better align with our long term goals. Some examples of this include more consistent branding and additional changes across our ecosystem to clearly define the role of Laika within the worlds of DeFi, GameFi and the metaverse while continuing to stay true to our core values of Learning, Exploring and Innovating.

In the coming weeks we will announce specific details regarding these updates as well as the reasoning behind certain changes to provide the community with better understanding behind some of the decisions we’ve made.

The Future

Now it’s time for a small preview of the future of Laika! The team is actively working behind the scenes to bring a number of new features to the Laika ecosystem including:

  • Laikaverse
  • Mobile App
  • GameFi Hub
  • Gaming Guild (DAO)
  • IGOs
  • Marketplace
  • Mini-Games
  • The Return of Astro
  • The Academy

…and much, much more!

Specific details will be available in the coming weeks and we are incredibly excited to share what exactly this all means for Laika.

In the mean time, we want to thank our community of Laikanauts for everything they have done for Laika over the last year. Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for additional details regarding the next steps for the project, including our new website, a new roadmap, branding updates, giveaways and everything else we have in store for year two!

Laika to space!



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