Laika Protocol’s V2 bridge update is now live!

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4 min readJul 27, 2021


In this update we introduce additional security measures and even faster swap times for all of our Laika holders!

The recent rise of attacks on cross-chain bridges, contracts, platforms and other sectors of DeFi has once again highlighted the importance of security in the crypto space, especially when it comes to new innovations such as cross-chain interoperability. With this in mind, we have taken the next step towards ensuring the long term success of our project by providing additional layers of optimization and security to our bridges via our most recent V2 update.

Laika’s V2 Bridges: What’s new?

Laika Protocol, in partnership with Anyswap, has fully upgraded all current Laika bridges to allow for even faster swap times and even lower fees as well as additional layers of security to protect Laika holders from third party attacks. Thanks to our new partnership, we are also able to provide an all-in-one solution for each of our currently supported chains, making it even easier for you to bring Laika with you, wherever you go!

As part of this upgrade, we have also deployed new contracts for Laika on Ethereum, Polygon, Huobi Eco and Fantom and the new tokens have already been airdropped to existing holders at a 1:1 ratio. Full details such as the new contract addresses for our bridges as well as all other relevant information can be found down bellow.

Ethereum Info

Ethereum Contract


Ethereum Explorer

Ethereum Exchange


Ethereum Bridge

Polygon Info

Polygon Contract


Polygon Explorer

Polygon Exchange

Polygon Charts

Polygon Bridge


HECO Contract


HECO Explorer

HECO Exchange

HECO Charts

HECO Bridge

Fantom Info

Fantom Contract


Fantom Explorer

Fantom Exchange

Fantom Charts

Fantom Bridge

The rest of our supported chains and bridges remain unchanged for now. We will provide additional upgrades and as always we will also continue to expand our multichain ecosystem with more networks as they become available. Stay tuned for more announcements later this week.

To our community, thank you for your continued support. Expect more partnerships, farms and features on each supported chain in the near future! In the mean time, make sure to follow all of our social media channels to keep up to date with the latest news and updates regarding Laika Protocol.









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