Laika’s BSC⬌AVAX bridge is now LIVE!

Avalanche becomes the seventh chain to join the Laika Protocol ecosystem and allow bridging of Laika assets!

We are pleased to announce that Laika Protocol’s bridge to Avalanche(AVAX) is now live! The Laika Protocol team has worked in combination with our newest partner, AnySwap, to bring seamless cross-chain interoperability of Laika Protocol assets between the Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche!

Avalanche’s goal was to surpass Ethereum 2.0 in both latency and throughput. In other words, that means being faster, more efficient, and less expensive. While that’s an ambitious goal for any cryptocurrency project, Avalanche appears to have pulled it off. Laika is proud to be a part of this adventure and we plan to quickly expand our presence on the Avalanche network with additional partnerships and features over time.

The official contract for Laika on Avalanche is:

[AVAX Format] 0x1CcCA1cE62c62F7Be95d4A67722a8fDbed6EEcb4

Laika is available on PangolinDEX and Liquidity has been added, meaning that trading is also already live! We will expand our liquidity pool on Avalache over the next few weeks to ensure the trading volume is in line with the rest of our chains.

If you would like to buy Laika Protocol on AVAX, visit the following link:

Charts for Laika on AVAX are available here:

Please note that standard transaction fees still apply when bridging. Instructions regarding bridging to Ethereum are available bellow.

Instructions for swapping from BSC to AVAX

  1. Visit
  2. Ensure that your Metamask is connected to the Avalanche network
  3. Select the “Deposit” option in the top right
  4. In the Dropdown menu next to “Deposit”, select Laika(BEP20)
  5. Enter the amount you would like to bridge over (minimum 2,600,000,000)
  6. Click on “CrossChain Deposit”
  7. You will be prompted to sign the transaction in your Metamask

Once you have completed the above steps, it will take about 10 to 30 minutes for the process to be completed. Afterwards, your Laika tokens will be available in your Avalanche wallet! Remember to add Laika as a custom token to your wallet to be able to view your balance.

To bridge back from Avalanche to BSC, follow the same steps as above but ensure the “Redeem” option is selected instead of “Deposit”.

You can visit if you’d like to check the status of your transaction.

If your transaction hasn’t completed after the expected time, you can visit to push the transaction through manually as well.







Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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