Laika’s BSC⬌ETH bridge is now LIVE!

Laika Protocol
3 min readJun 1, 2021


Ethereum joins the Laika family, becoming the fourth chain to allow bridging of Laika assets!

Laika Protocol has now been successfully deployed and bridged to Ethereum(ETH). You can now swap between BSC and Ethereum as well as freely trade your Laika on either chain.

Over the next month, we will slowly begin adding liquidity to our UniSwap pair, ensuring that there is an even liquidity split among all of our chains. With UniSwap using Arbitrum as its new scaling solution for V3, it now makes for a perfect new home for Laika Protocol!

Arbitrum offers drastically higher transaction throughput than Ethereum while slicing gas fees to near zero. The system uses rollup technology to batch transactions before slapping them on-chain. This will allow Laika’s price on Ethereum to be in line with the rest of our chains, ensuring an accurate price point as well as opening a world of new opportunities for new tools and partnerships on the Ethereum network.

The official contract for Laika on Ethereum is:

[ETH Format] 0x0bfFc5692960Bb043D3216839bDD6e5E64ff1b4e

Laika is available on UniSwap and Liquidity has been added, meaning that trading is also already live! We will expand our liquidity pool on Ethereum over the next few weeks to ensure the trading volume is in line with the rest of our chains.

Please note that standard transaction fees still apply when bridging. Instructions regarding bridging to Ethereum are available bellow.

Instructions for swapping from BSC to ETH

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet with Metamask
  3. Ensure that you are on the Binance Smart Chain Network
  4. Click on “Select a token”
  5. In the search field, enter the BSC contract address for Laika — 0x2a49De60cc6204c3AFC3e770FDB30A0554147519
  6. Import and select Laika from the dropdown menu
  7. Enter the amount of Laika you wish to swap
  8. Click on “Approve”
  9. Confirm the transaction in Metamask
  10. Click on “Deposit in BSC Chain”
  11. Review the swap information and click on “Confirm”
  12. Confirm the transaction in Metamask
  13. Click on “Withdraw on Ethereum Chain”
  14. You will be prompted to switch to the Ethereum network, confirm the switch
  15. Reconnect your wallet if needed
  16. Click on “Withdraw on Ethereum Chain” once again
  17. Confirm the transaction in Metamask

Once you have completed the above steps, the network will take a bit of time to confirm the swap and afterwards, your newly bridged Laika will be available in your Ethereum wallet.

To swap back from Ethereum to BSC, simply follow the steps above with Ethereum as your main network. You can also swap directly between Polygon and Ethereum as well, following the same steps and selecting MATIC as your network.






Laika Protocol

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