Laika’s BSC⬌xDai bridge is now LIVE!

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3 min readJun 27, 2021


xDai Stable Chain becomes the eighth chain to join the Laika Protocol ecosystem!

xDai Stable Chain

You are now able to bridge Laika Protocol via xDai’s official OmniBridge and begin exploring the eight chain to join the Laika ecosystem! This is yet another major milestone for the Laika Protocol team and community and is an important stepping stone as we prepare for major changes in the DeFi space over the coming months.

What is the xDai chain?

The xDai chain is an Ethereum-based sidechain that uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism. It has been live since late 2018 and uses a stablecoin, xDai, as its native cryptocurrency.

As the project’s site puts it, transactions on the xDai chain are “very fast, very inexpensive, and require a single token (xDai).”


What is the xDai cryptocurrency?

This native cryptocurrency of the xDai chain has a price that’s pegged to the US Dollar, making it a stablecoin similar to USDC, Tether, and… the original Dai! Being pegged to the US Dollar is what makes the cryptocurrency “stable,” as it’s supposed to always be worth 1 US Dollar.

You don’t need to understand all the mechanics of a stablecoin to learn about xDai, but it’s never a bad idea to learn!

The difference between the previously-mentioned stablecoins and xDai is that the others are tokens that operate on Ethereum, while the xDai chain is its own separate network.

The official contract for Laika on xDai is:

[xDai Format] 0xbD8aD53095d32B5e652b3FD26d61c5340126DA10

xDai Explorer


Laika is available on HoneySwap and additional liquidity will be added over the coming days to ensure the trading volume is in line with the rest of our chains.

If you would like to buy Laika Protocol on xDai, visit the following link:

Please note that standard transaction fees still apply when bridging. Instructions regarding bridging to xDai are available bellow.

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your BSC wallet in the top right
  3. Select BSC<->XDAI in the dropdown menu in the top right
  4. Under the “Form” section on the left, click on “STAKE on xDai on BSC”
  5. Select “Add Custom Token” in the new window that pops up
  6. Enter Laika’s BSC address — 0x2a49De60cc6204c3AFC3e770FDB30A0554147519
  7. Enter the amount of Laika you wish to bridge over
  8. Click on “Unlock”
  9. Confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet
  10. Click on “Transfer”
  11. You will be prompted to sign another transaction

The bridge will submit the transaction and after 12 block confirmations, your Laika will be available in your XDAI wallet!

To bridge back from xDai to BSC, follow the same steps as above but ensure that you are connected to the xDai network instead.






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