Laika’s Future: To Learn, Explore and Innovate

Introducing the Laika Academy, Stargate and Forge as well as a sneak peek of our upcoming Bridge and Oracle solutions

When we launched Laika Protocol just over a month ago, we started with a simple goal. To create something unique and innovative that can benefit not just our holders but the DeFi space as a whole. Since then, we have seen immense growth in terms of our ecosystem, our community and our brand. This has led us to take a path that will now solidify Laika’s core principles and ensure long-term success by introducing three brand new platforms and three real use cases for our ecosystem.

Our upcoming platforms are focused around the three main core values of the Laika Protocol — To Learn, Explore and Innovate.

The primary goal of the Laika Academy moving forward will be to serve as an introduction and a central hub of information for all newcomers to the DeFi space. We want crypto enthusiasts to have quick and easy access to Laika as their first project while also educating them about all things DeFi in the process. The Academy will focus around both free and premium services, with Laika holders having exclusive access to features such as Laika Earn, where similar to other platforms you can complete quizzes or view other educational material to earn Laika or other goodies as rewards.

As the crypto world and DeFi continue to evolve, many new projects and tools will become available over time. The Stargate will serve as a central hub for all of Laika Protocol’s existing partnerships with high quality projects such as the Token Kennel. The Stargate will also be a launchpad for other innovative and vetted DeFi projects, with exclusive early access for Laika Protocol holders. The benefit of this is two fold, which is to help users continue to learn about DeFi by introducing them to vetted and unique projects while also helping those projects reach a wider audience as well.

DeFi moves fast, and so must Laika. As more chains, tools and solutions are added to the Laika Protocol ecosystem over time, we want users to have quick and easy access to all of our in-house developed solutions in one spot. The Forge will allow Laika Protocol token holders access to many of our upcoming features such as our cross-chain staking options as well as any other new technology that the Laika Protocol team develops and incorporates into the ecosystem over time. The Forge will also be where our team will test our other upcoming solutions such as the Laika Bridge and the Laika Oracle along with the Laika Protocol community prior to a public launch.

These three values are what defines Laika and what will define the Academy, Stargate and Forge. We will develop the three platforms alongside each other, ensuring that there are limitless use cases for Laika in the long term as we continue to focus on even bigger features such as our Bridge and Oracle.

Once our ecosystem has grown enough and all major chains have been integrated with Laika, we will begin development on the Laika Bridge and Laika Oracle.

The Laika Bridge will serve as both a permissionless deployment and bridging solution and a cross-chain AMM at the same time. Thanks to the Laika bridge, tokens from any chain will be able to deploy, bridge and trade their token on any other chain that is currently supported by Laika. The Bridge will be developed alongside our Oracle to allow for even more features over time.

The Laika Oracle will be the next major step of growing Laika Protocol as a project. Our Oracle will be developed with cross-chain functionality, allowing many new features such as cross-chain limit orders, stop losses, optimized bridging between chains and much, much more.

Both the Laika Bridge and Laika Oracle are going to be a major undertaking for us and as a result we will slowly be expanding our team over the next few months in preparation for this.

As our team has shown over and over again, we will continue to ensure that along with all our upcoming platforms and tools, Laika also continues to adapt to the ever changing world of DeFi. Two examples of this are our transition from V1 to V2 on PancakeSwap as well as our V3 launch on UniSwap via Arbitrum, ensuring that all of our pools across all chains take advantage of all the latest solutions available to us. This will also apply to any other features that are introduced to the DeFi space overall, giving us yet another way to ensure that Laika will be around for many years to come.

In the short term, we will continue to work on additional cross-chain integration, allowing us to integrate any other new chains that become available over time.

We will continue to provide our community with updates regarding all of our upcoming features and we are already working on the first feature for our Forge, cross-chain staking. Our developers are already hard at work so make sure to keep an eye out on all of our social media channels for all the latest news.

In the mean time, thank you as always for being part of the Laika Protocol community. Together, we will continue to do what Laika does best. Learn, Explore and Innovate.







Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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