The Laika Protocol Ecosystem: Welcome to DeFi


With our last Medium article, we set in stone Laika Protocol’s three core values: To Learn, Explore and Innovate. Our goal is for Laika to be always by your side as you explore the world of DeFi. To ensure that our project follows these core values, we have set a specific roadmap in place with features, tools and improvements that will set the path for Laika Protocol to become a reliable and trusted solution for cross-chain integration and development. To achieve this, we first had to ensure that our bridges to various chains were live and operational and we are now pleased to say that this was a success, with six chains already being supported by the Laika Ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Polygon, Ethereum, Huobi ECO and OKExChain have all joined the Laika family and we are already developing several tools and partnerships to provide holders on any chain with a variety of use-case scenarios as we continue to work on our three new platforms as well as our other long term solutions such as the Laika Bridge and the Laika Oracle.

Laika is already preparing for her next voyage and she’s expected to land on several other chains soon including Fantom, Avalanche, Fusion and more! We expect our bridges to those chains to be live and operational within the next few weeks immidiatelly followed by our official listing on the primary AMM for each chain. We are also preparing to integrate Laika further on existing chains such as HECO and OKExChain by being one of the first projects to develop solutions and tools for those chains such as staking and farming. Additional chains will also be supported over time as they become available.

With that being said, it’s time to take a deep dive into our upcoming platforms and give you an example of what to expect as we prepare to launch each of our platforms.

The Academy, Stargate and Forge: An In-Depth Look


Feature Overview: The Academy

Library — The library section will serve as a central hub of information, articles and guides related to Laika and other topics in DeFi.

News — The news section will focus around articles and updates relating to Laika and other projects across various chains.

Earn — The earn section is dedicated to providing users with the opportunity to complete various quizzes and tasks and earn rewards while learning more about DeFi.

Premium — A premium section for Laika holders with exclusive content such as giveaways, challenges and more!

With these features we expect the academy to be a solid foundation for new holders as they begin their DeFi journey. The Academy’s Library and News sections are expected to launch soon with more features such as Earn and our Premium service to follow soon after.


Feature Overview: The Stargate

Alliances — A section for Laika to showcase various partnerships with unique and innovative DeFi projects (Allies).

Launchpad — Laika’s cross-chain Launchpad will be dedicated exclusively to unique DeFi projects that have been internally audited by the Laika team.

Audits— The Laika Protocol will provide a reliable audit service for projects that allows in-depth audits to be completed at a lower rate compared to our competitors.

Worm Holes — A section for special events, contests and other features dedicated to cross-promotion.

The Stargate’s primary purpose is to serve as the home for innovative and unique DeFi projects within the Laika Ecosystem. We will be launching our Alliances section soon and will begin accepting applications for our first Launchpad IDO in the coming weeks. Our Audits and Worm Hole services will be available once our other Stargate features are fully operational.


Feature Overview: The Forge

Vaults— Vaults will be available for each chain, allowing you to stake your Laika no matter where you are.

Farms — Laika’s farms will also be cross-chain and available on each chain that Laika is currently deployed on.

Charts —Laika’s Charting tools will allow for cross-chain charting and tracking of data such as price, total market cap and more across all chains and exchanges.

Bridge— The Laika Bridge will be accessible via our Forge, allowing the trustless deployment and swapping of assets across various chains.

The Forge will be our primary hub for innovating and introducing new solutions and use-cases to Laika and the ecosystem around it. Both our vaults and our farms are in the final stages of development and we expect them to be available within the next few weeks. Our Charts and bridge will be the first step towards developing our multi-chain oracle over the coming months.

In addition to all of this, we are on track to meet our next major marketing milestone, our second major exchange listing. We expect to have further details available for our Laikanauts later this month.

If you enjoy the Laika Protocol project and would like to join our community, visit our social media channels for more info on how to get involved! Thank you once again for being here with us and lets continue to explore DeFi together!







Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!

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