The Story so Far

Laika has landed on Harmony.One

What’s next

  1. Marketing — As the first round of developer funds become available later this week, we will be shifting our focus towards rewarding community volunteers by offering special incentives on our social media channels. In addition to this, we are now in preliminary talks with several exchanges in regards to our first major centralized exchange listing.
  2. Cross-Chain Integration — Our Harmony.One manual bridge will be live in the next few days once we have added liquidity to MochaSwap in order to begin initial public testing as we get ready to release our automatic bridge.
  3. NFTs, Charity, Additional Tools — Now that we have successfully achieved all of our launch goals, we will have more time to continue work on some of our other milestones such as our Limited Edition NFTs, First Major Charity Event and tools such as our Mobile App that will allow you to directly track Laika statistics as well as other features such as a live slippage calculator.
  4. New Surprises — In addition to all of this, we are hard at work on a couple of other projects that will allow us to expand the Laika Protocol platform with new tools and features that will add additional use cases to Laika as well as help us continue to grow the projects. Due to the nature of the projects, we will not be sharing any further details until the time is right.



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Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol

Laika Protocol's goal is simple. To go where no man, or dog, has gone before!