Laika’s ETH⬌FTM bridge is now LIVE!

With the launch of Laika Protocol’s ninth official bridge between the Ethereum and Fantom networks, phase one of our roadmap is now complete!

Laika Protocol
4 min readJul 8, 2021

Laika Protocol is now one of the very first tokens to allow bridging of its assets between the Ethereum and Fantom network, in addition to a BSC to Fantom bridge which will also be available later this month.

With the addition of the Fantom network to our existing lineup of integrated chains, our team has now achieved every single target from Phase 1 of our roadmap, which focuses on initial cross-chain integration. With a bridge now available to nine different chains and more to come in the near future, our team has now began to move its primary focus towards the next phase of our roadmap which is growing our ecosystem across all chains in preparation for our eventual bridging and oracle solutions as well as the rest of our platforms and tools.

In combination with our integration with Fantom, we have also begun to further incorporate Chainlink into our multi-chain ecosystem, allowing us to establish the foundation for everything that is to come over the next year.

About Fantom and Chainlink

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network providse our ecosystem with secure and reliable market prices, such as specific Price Reference Data Contracts, as well as real-time access to high-quality credentialed API data via Chainlink external adaptors. This enables our team to build scalable decentralized applications that are fully integrated with real-time data, sourced from only the most trusted sources.

The immediate focus of the integration will be on building scalable DeFi products to support a robust financial system on Fantom. Subsequently, the our team is aiming to extend the range of DeFi use-cases that can be accommodated on-chain for Laika as well as any other projects and platforms that are a part of our ecosystem, such as our upcoming yield farm, Astro.

Chainlink and Fantom are both market-leaders in speed and security of their respective products, reducing any bottlenecks in the performance of Dapps. Because of this, our team is confident that the synergy of Chainlink and Fantom technologies will provide us with the tools to push the boundaries of DeFi to a new level, which has been Laika’s goal from the very beginning.

The official contract for Laika on Fantom is:

[Fantom Format] 0xcBdbFc61Aa905Ed9854898760f0e98417BcC4628

Fantom Explorer

The official home DEX for Laika Protocol on Fantom will be SpiritSwap! Initial liquidity has been added to set the price and as we have done in the past with our pairs on other chains, more liquidity will be added over the coming weeks.

If you would like to buy Laika Protocol on Fantom via SpiritSwap, visit the following link:

Please note that standard transaction fees still apply when bridging.
This bridge currently supports ETH and Fantom. Bridging directly from BSC to Fantom will be available later this month.

Instructions for bridging from BSC to ETH are available in our Medium article here:

Bridging Instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Ensure that you are on the correct chain (ETH)
  4. Select “TRANSIT OTHER TOKENS” at the top of the page
  5. Under the “Token” section, enter Laika’s ETH address — 0x0bfFc5692960Bb043D3216839bDD6e5E64ff1b4e
  6. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to transfer
  7. Click on “Approve” and sign the transaction window that pops up
  8. Once the bridge is approved, click on “Transfer”
  9. Sign the transaction to allow for the bridging process to begin
  10. Once the tokens are deposited, change your network to Fantom
  11. Ensure that you have sufficient Fantom tokens or use a faucet to cover the initial gas fees while bridging
  12. In the list of transactions at the bottom, you will find your most recent bridge transaction
  13. Under the “Actions” tab, click on “Receive”
  14. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction one last time and your Laika will be deposited in your Fantom wallet

After 6 confirmations, the bridge will release the tokens and they will become available in your wallet! To bridge back from Fantom to Ethereum, follow the same steps as above but select “Deposit to Ethereum” on the main page while bridging.







Laika Protocol

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